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Vertigo Solutions

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Why Vertigo

We believe it is critical to understand the exact nature of each of our clients needs in order to build an IT solution perfect for their business. Whilst we have links to all major suppliers our independence from supplier partnerships means that our answer to your problems are not pre-defined by our tech partners, we will not try to push any products your way unless it is absolutely the right choice for you and your business.

We will take the time to map out your system thoroughly so that we can provide the perfect package rather than making your needs fit a particular system.

Peace of Mind

We offer secure back ups of your business’s data to offsite locations, meaning you can rest easy knowing that should the worst happen, your data will be safe and easily recoverable. As part of this we perform daily checks on the health of your system and backups. Most issues are resolved by us remotely before they become issues for you and your productivity.


We can ensure that all of your data and hardware is secure and free from viruses.

Data Centre Hosting

Vertigo Solutions private cloud solution is perfect for business customers. Hosted in ANS' Award winning data centre, our offering brings the best of cloud solutions with the highest security, reliability and guaranteed privacy.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer fantastic infrastructure installations that will stand the test of time. Whether it be for a small office or multiple factory floors, we can ensure lightening quick connectivity for all your devices across your entire premises.

Bespoke Software

Struggling to find a software solution that’s just right for you? We can offer bespoke software solutions built in house, to give you the functionality you need, tailored to your business.

Budget Flexibility

As we are not bound by our partners we can tailor all solutions to even restricted budgets. We can even lease vital equipment to you if needed, in order to get you off the ground without you having to break the bank on brand new hardware.